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What is Bluelight?

The average American spends around 10+ hours every single day looking at a screen. Bluelight are harmful rays that come from all smartphones, TV's, and computers. You might recall how sore, tired, or blurry your eyes feel when you've spent hours looking at your screen either working, watching, or scrolling. Or maybe you've felt headaches and worsened insomnia too.
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Although limiting screen time can be a good idea, many people need technology for work and entertainment, so it is essential to have bluelight blocking glasses to protect yourself from permanent eye damage and poor quality of sleep. You only have one set of eyes, after all. 
*Please do your research if you are unsure of the severity of the consequences of bluelight exposure.

What are CEO's Bluelight Blocking Glasses?

At CEO Glasses, our designers strive to provide our customers with the most lightweight, comfortable, and stylish everyday computer glasses.  Our glasses have a thin clear coating on the outside of the lens that deflect and filter out bluelight rays from getting to your eyes and causing serious damage. 
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